12901502_10153568965893479_4691643842695774604_oI was born in Bandung, the city where every food is good, the destination for every foodie all over Indonesia and in Asia!

I am a foodie at heart, I also love cooking. My friends call me a food processor as my expertise is turning any random ingredients into edible dishes, and it’s always delicious! I am not bragging! πŸ˜€

I love various kind of food from many areas in the world. Any good food, really… from Greek recipes, French recipes, Indian recipes, Japanese recipes, Mexican recipes, to -of course- the diverse and the most delicious, Indonesian food! (I am a little bit biased on this, I guess :p)

I am interested in many fields and activities, from psychology, web programming, gardening, screen writing, krav maga, modern dance, to digital marketing and creative writing. I love learning new things. But since I learned the hard way that I have to be focused on at least 3 things, I am now focusing on digital marketing, creative writing and web programming. I want to excell my skill on these fields. I am on my way there I suppose.

Writing is something I have been doing since I was a teenager. I always wanted to be a writer. It took me six years to finally get my grip on creative writing and being eligible enough to work in the field as a copy writer. Since 2012, I made my way to become a professional in the field. First, write in Indonesian then later in English, with a permanent personal editor helping me check the grammar and syntax. :p

My objective for this blog is, I want people who is lost wandering in the internet, to find peace and zen as they visit this blog. I open for any suggestion to improve the quality of the content.

So enjoy this blog, drop me some comments, I love talking to interesting people. πŸ™‚

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  1. Dame Siahaan says:

    Hi Fuji, I stumbled upon your blog while looking for “what to do in Ubud”. Nice blog you got. Are you still in Ubud? How’s life there in comparison to Bandung? I have been thinking of moving to Ubud.

    1. Fujiwiryani says:

      Hi Dame. Yes, I live in Ubud up until now. Comparison to Bandung? Ubud has one thing in common with Bandung, it’s the weather.

      Everything else are different. Like, they don’t have public transport, there are only motorbike/ bicycle/ car rental. Also.. the food here are not as good as the food in Bandung, and not cheap at all. Except if you can find a proper local warung and the food likes you (so it won’t cause diarrhea). But anyway, if you are looking for a slow-pace daily life, peaceful and quiet environment, far from the city (it’s one hour drive to Denpasar), Ubud is the right place for you.

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