Quentin Tarantino: Blown Heads, Racism, and Psychotic Women

I just watched The Hateful Eight recently. Just like any other Tarantino’s movie, it left my soul crumbled on the floor and I had to pick it up until I watch something else that is as light as a feather and as comforting as a wool blanket during winter.

The first thought that came to mind after I watched that movie was, “why does he really like to show a blown head? With guns or whatever weapon that can make the head exploded, literally and figuratively…” and he likes bloody blood spread all over the place… a lot. To the level he makes me see it as a human’s property that painlessly withdrawn if not flowing from their body, he made it fun to watch people bleeding and died for no reason. He made me a psychopath for some period of time as I watch his movie.

Remember Inglourious Basterds? Or the more recent one, Django Unchained? Let’s take these three movies as incomplete samples for this content.

The other similarity amongst those movies, other than being human’s-body-parts-rain show is, it’s all emphasized the clash between human races back in the days. And he made the defeated parties (in reality, based on history) to be the winner. He basically made an alternative reality for us to see. Those intense, often sarcastically funny, and beyond witty dialogues clearly depicted utopic situations in the movie. And again, those intense brutalities are just some spices to make the movies colorful. The best part of the movies are always the dialogues, no matter how dark the jokes can get.

Does anyone ever observe the female characters? I did. And I think female characters in Tarantino’s movies are either psychotic (Daisy Domergue) or naive, weak and unworthy (Cora, Broomhilda).

The only female character who got a fair image is Shosanna Dreyfus (on the side note: oh my god! She is drop-dead gorgeous isn’t she?), which is also my lifetime favorite character. She was allowed to be vengeful, yet powerful at the same time. (Well, revenge gives you power).

Shosanna Dreyfus
Sweet lord, Mimieux! (Source)

Apart from unfitting female characters in his movies, I get it that he erased the boundary between women and men stereotyping by treating women like inferior men. That’s how I see it when John Ruth beats Daisy repeatedly just to shut her up. Not so manly in terms of common mannerism. But then Daisy is the mother of the crazies.

“When you get to hell, tell them Daisy sent you..” (Source)


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