Digital Marketing: How It Works


In a nutshell

Some people call it internet marketing. Others say it’s about posting ads on social media. Some people think it has something to do with search engine optimization. Others think it’s about hiring a social media buzzer or a products’ endorser to reach more viewers. Some people think it’s about the engaging web content or social media content. Others think it has something to do with measuring website performance through various metrics.

Which one is right? My answer would be, it’s a little bit of everything I’ve mentioned above.

A Digital Marketing Practitioner crunches all of the data, measures the impact, and then creates content out of it. Content that leads viewers to take action (sales or share). Content that goes viral within hours or days. Content that is making targeted result.

Is that all?

Well, I can’t really make it sound like rocket science,  as it really is quite simple. Although, there are variables one needs to comprehend fully before creating content. Those variables involve several subject areas, from psychology (consumer behavior), business management, strategic planning, linguistic, web analytics, to mastering -at least, half of the English lexicon (if you write in English).

Why do you need digital marketing?

If I have to mention one single feature that digital marketing has and traditional marketing doesn’t, it would be: an exponential exposure for your brand, service and products in an exchange for relatively low-cost, compared to traditional marketing budget.

Let me break it down for you

First of all, there are 3,17 billion internet users around the globe. While traditional marketing can only reach people in your area, digital marketing, however, can reach beyond your vicinity. Not only that, you can set the demography you want to attract by using the right keywords!

Insert those keywords to your content, be it social media content, or web content. Then accompany those engaging contents with a strongly appealing design graphic, or gif, or short video, or a picture that can steal viewers’ attention span (whose length lasts less than 8 seconds).

Secondly, spend the right amount of time to be present on social media. Consumers are social, thus, being on social media is a necessity, it’s no longer a choice. Social media is a strong marketing channel nowadays, every business have to seriously adopt and add to their marketing plan. It is utterly important that Google integrate social media data into its organic search engine algorithm since 2009.

So far, there are 426 million of active facebook users in Asia Pasific, 47% of them reside in Oceania region and 26% of them reside in South East Asia region. That is a gigantic cake for everyone to savor through social media channels.

And please keep in mind that 97% of all social media users access their account via mobile device(s) – enough reason to keep on making those mobile-friendly contents and make sure that your content is accessible from any size of device and from any Operating System.

At last, in digital marketing, high search engine ranking is critical. One group of powerful tool that cater all your needs comes from search engine giant: Google, through Google My Business which harnesses the power of AdWords, Insights, Google+, Maps, and Search all in one place. Because of the unparalleled reach of Google and their services, plugging into the Google My Business network means your customers and clients can now find you easier than ever.

How to start?

Contact the right person to set up digital marketing template for your company. Someone who can bring you a tailor made marketing campaign that incorporate both direct and online marketing tactics.

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