Dear My Future Partner

Hey, this might be you.

So you may take this as a caution or a head up on getting to know me: the sort of woman you are dealing with.

First of all, I am not an ordinary woman. You need to have a certain amount of skill set to deal with a woman like me.

You need to be fully in charge of your whole life, have everything in order, even if there are some aspects in your life that you have not sorted out yet, at least you are getting that sorted.

You need to know what do you want in life and know your ways in order to get it. If we have the same level of ambitions and we share the same dreams, then it would be a good start.

You need to woo me enough to get my eyes hooked onto you. Nice conversation is the key, common interest usually leads to a good and long conversation, so when you are given a chance to talk to me, blow my mind, impress me. As I am not going to settle for the leftover.

I am not for the weak, both physically and (especially) mentally. I have been through a lot of turbulences in my life. Those pain shaped me to be the person I am today, made me resilient, and yet, I want a partner who could be my big tree, where I could lay my back when I get too tired after conquering the world, when I need a shade from the sun. In return, I will be your safe place where you find comfort and the warmth of the home.

I use my head more than I use my feeling. People around me trust me for my judgement, especially when they need a clear-logical insight. 

I am the person who will be there by your side, being your co-pilot as you are taking over the world. I will be your voice of reason when things are too crazy to handle. I could be a good listening ears and being understanding too. And to get me to do all that for you, you need to be a man who know what to do with your life and having a good amount of self determination.

This woman will not just sit still, being pretty and spread her legs as you wish. I have my life goals and the list of achievement I am aiming for. I am persistently working hard to achieve those goals. In this case, again, we better share the same goals.

As much as I aim high in my career and in life, I also want to have a child or two. With all the personality traits and my skill set, I know I will be a good mother. What I need from you are, first, the good gene that you have, secondly, you must have a father material, and a supporting partner material. As I will need your full force support on this, until the children could launch themselves for the world.

We will do a lot of adventurous trips together, and many other things we haven’t done before. I will want you to be as healthy as I am and as active as I am. This is pretty much primal. A woman will want a man with fit appearance and strong muscles, it’s the sign of a good gene.

I am an egalitarian. I will expect you to treat me as an equal partner. We might have different amount of income, but we will contribute equally to the household. We might have our differences, but we will contribute equally to the relationship. I will constantly measure that the balance is there as we both maintain a good and healthy relationship.

None of us will dominate each other, but we will have our influences in each other. As we go to the same direction, I could be the pilot too, and I will want you to not mind when this need to happen.

I don’t want to deal with a quitter. Quitters are weak. You need to be persistently willing to make the relationship to work.

Why? Because I am worthy of the fights and and your endless effort. Relationship is not for everyone, for someone who is fine to walk on her own and doing good with her life, it is a choice for me to share my life with someone — I don’t need you, I want you. And I think we could have a better life by being together.

What do you think?

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