30 Things You Will Totally Realize on Your 30

30. A person who constantly says “I hate drama” is the most dramatic person there is.

29. Silence can be the loudest answer.

28. Not everyone who is nice to you is a nice person.

27. True love is when you love someone selflessly. Which is difficult to do.

26. Your soulmate is the one who tears down the thickest wall of yours and embraces whatever behind it.

25. There are jobs you do for money and there are jobs you do for self-fulfillment. The later contributes more for your mental development and it’s good for you.

24. Pick carefully people you want to keep in your life. It’s okay to keep only a few people. A true friend is hard to find anyway… But don’t worry, you will find each other.

23. Always trust your hunch. It never lies.

22. Always spend the first hour and the last hour of your day with someone you care the most.

21. Money can’t buy happiness, but it could help you through bad things smoothly. Totally!

20. Have a kid is a choice. Not an achievement nor obligation.

19. Virgins are boring.

18. Sex has nothing to do with love.

17. BUT, intimacy does, so choose a partner who can relate to you effortlessly, and has the same level of intelligence as you (or better than you, if they don’t mind). Sexy is being smart, and thoughtful.

16. Being able to laugh at the same jokes is important for a couple.

15. Some men are more loyal than dogs, emotionally.

14. Don’t reheat a tortilla unless you want to make nachos out of it.

13. Your poo turns purple after you eat dragon fruit salad.

12. True friendship is the one that encourages you to be a better person.

11. Being alone is great, but socializing is also important. People are annoying, that’s why dodging skill in a conversation is essential!

10. Geeks are always hot. Nerds even hotter.

9. Date a man who cooks but cook for him anyway, especially for breakfast.

8. Everyone is dealing with their own insecurity. It’s a part of self-development, just don’t stick with it and not doing anything about it while you can.

7. Never make any promise when your belly is full, never make any decision when you are hungry (except a decision to fill your stomach. D’oh!).

6. Bad people do exist. They might be around you. And they can be good looking.

5. When someone says “I don’t do X” they most likely do. They just say that to make you feel better about it. Which, you shouldn’t. (What’s the point of denying it when nobody accuses you if you don’t do it, heyyloooww?)

4. Ugly people can also have an ugly personality. Fuck inner beauty. Ugly people ugly.

3. Never lose faith in yourself, never betray yourself.

2. Runny yolk tastes sweet. But I still don’t like it.

1. The most important person in your life is the one who’s with you at the moment.

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