What Mister Spock Has Taught Me

So here comes the time where my writing mentor asked me to write about physical quirk at the workshop.

Honestly, I feel uncomfortable writing about this. But let’s see this a challenge!

Before I jump into the story, let me tell you about the reason why I feel uncomfortable writing about physical quirk: I think it’s impolite to talk about it. I was raised in a family that never allowed me to talk about one’s physical flaws. Despite the fact that I can precisely notice everyone’s physical quirks: the asymmetrical shape of anything in their face, stain or hole in their teeth, scars on their hands or on their legs, everywhere. I just do not talk about it.

But I still have to finish this task anyway, right?

Hmm.. Okay, let’s talk about my favourite character on Star Trek then. It’s Mister Spock. He has a significant role in the franchise. Being portrayed at the first time by Leonard Nimoy in the original Star Trek series. But I prefer the younger version of Spock which portrayed by Zachary Quinto in the Star Trek film (2009).

Mister Spock is a mixed human-Vulcan. His dad is a Vulcan and his mother is human. Unlike any other human, he was born with pointy shaped ears and pointy shaped eyebrows. His haircut is also unusual, it’s a mushroom-shaped hairstyle, his haircut never changed in ages. I wonder if he was born with that hair as well.

His physical appearance doesn’t look appealing except to Nyota Uhura, probably. But he has this irresistible awesomeness any smart women from earth can’t help themselves from falling for him: Mister Spock has an unquestionable morality and he doesn’t lie.

Yes, he might be sounds weird, harsh, and bitter at times. But he always says what’s true. He’s not that type of guy who’s gonna say anything to comfort you from bitter truth. He has this desirable integrity, he only does what’s right even though it means he has to die. Comparing to pure blooded men from earth? I have never met anyone who has achieved this level of integrity, so far.

One other thing you will notice about Spock is, he is very much logical and selfless. He’s not only saying what’s right. He’s also doing what’s right. He is a man of his words, literally. These traits he possesses is beyond his physical quirks. That is what matters the most in a man, his integrity, and his morality. Anyhow, physical quirks is a matter of perspective. It’s a quirk because it doesn’t match our version of perfection and vise-versa.

See, all I’m gonna say is, we are all do have physical quirk(s). I have many scars on my legs and hands. I didn’t like it back in the days, but now I see it as life’s medals of adventures, it proves that I experienced things. However no one on earth possessing a perfect physical appearance anyway. We’ll get old eventually and we are as mortal as we can get… In the end, what really matter is our attitude, what we do to people, and values we are holding onto.

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